S55/06LHX8MMSTC - Spiral down-cut 8mm diameter


Trend 8mm diameter down cut spiral cutter - 8mm shank, 25mm cut length.

  • Spiral downcutting configuration offers the cleanest finish on the top surface of the workpiece when used in hand held or overhead CNC routing applications.
  • Two flute design is ideal for superior crosscutting performance in all timbers and on veneered sheet materials.
  • Spiral design offers clean plunge cutting with reduced vibration under load for premium finishes.
  • Down-cut spirals are ideal for hand held work and also in CNC machines. Chips are forced downwards as the cut is made so require a lower feed speed.
  • Ultra-durable Solid Tungsten Carbide construction for increased performance and strength in all materials including soft and hardwoods, laminates, ply, MDF and chipboard.
8 mm
25 mm
63 mm
Shank Diameter
8 mm

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