C153X1/2TC - Two flute cutter 12.7mm diameter

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Trend Craft Pro 1/2in shank worktop joint cutter - 12.7mm diameter Two Flute Carbide tips.

  • 12.7mm diameter X 50mm cutting depth; the essential cutter for routing post formed joints with worktop jigs in tops up to 40mm thick.
  • Cut crisp and clean precision fit joints every time; especially suited for use on abrasive chipboard core laminate faced worktops.
  • Bottom cut feature for plunge work including stopped grooving and morticing applications.
  • PTFE coating to minimise heat and resin build up for increased cutter performance and longevity.
  • 1/2in shank for use in bigger routers and heavier applications with 'K'mark shank to ensure safe working practices.
12.7 mm
1/2 inches
2 inches
50 mm
93.5 mm
Shank Diameter
1/2 inch

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